The schools are not ready to implement the new language law yet. Even in regions, where there was adopted the final decision on the regional languages, schools are unlikely to form new classes this year because of the lack of teachers and free space.

"We will hold teacher-parent meeting next week, then it will become clear how many mothers and fathers want their children to study in Russian language classes. Forming of new classes requires the application from 15 people at least. There are no problems with the textbooks, but I still doubt that we will be able to switch to another language so quickly. After all, for many years, our universities have been graduating Ukrainian-speaking teachers," principal of the Kyiv schools № 175 Vera Borik said.

The similar situation is in Transcarpathian region, where the Hungarian language has good chances to become the regional language. "We hope that not many pupils will want to study in Hungarian as we won’t manage to employ Hungarian-speaking teachers before the start of the school year. In addition, there is no spare space for new classes," the principal of one of the Uzhgorod schools said.

However in Zaporizhia, where Russian has recently become the regional language, the local schools assure that the language of teaching is not a problem for them. It is much more difficult to change the schedule. The time sheet for teachers for the next school year is composed before the holidays and to prepare a new schedule will take at least six months, teachers say.

The Education Ministry officials say that the Ministry will not hurry schools to form new classes at the demands of parents. "Everybody understands that it is extremely difficult to prepare the necessary number of teachers, make plans so quickly. But we have enough schools in every region where Russian, Hungarian, Crimean Tatar and other languages are taught," director of the Department for Secondary and Pre-school Education Oleh Yeresko said.


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