There was a Siberian plague case registered in Melitopil district of Zaporizhia region few days ago, when a cow fell sick. On Saturday, August 18, the doctors of Melitopil Sanitary Epidemiological Service department found infected beef in one of the local shops.

In Voznesenka village of Melitopil district of Zaporozhia region, where the hotbed of anthrax was revealed, and at the territories adjacent to the village, the strict quarantine was introduced. Entrances and exits from the area were closed.

"The situation with the anthrax is under the control of local and regional authorities, the services of veterinary medicine, police, traffic police, the healthcare and emergencies departments. The plan of measures to eliminate and prevent the spread of the disease was approved.

"The meat of sick animal was removed from sale. Its buyers were identified and are undergoing the required treatment with antibiotics, the representatives of the police informed.

According to the experts, the reason for origin of hotbeds of anthrax and African swine fever in the region is that Zaporozhia region is a resort area. Since May to September, the region is being visited by millions of tourists from the CIS countries, which are potential carriers of viral diseases.

Head of regional administration Oleksandr Peklushenko urged the media and the region residents "not to sow panic, and to treat temporary prohibition and inconvenience in connection with quarantine in Melitopil and Prymorsk districts of the region with understanding".

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