For the first six months of 2012, the passenger flow at the Ukrainian-Polish land border crossing points increased up to 6.970 million crossings, i.e. by almost 500 thousand, or by 7.6% compared with first half of the last year.

According to the Polish Border Guard, the passenger flow growth was achieved through more frequent crossing of the Ukrainians, meanwhile the visits of the Poles to Ukraine were rare.
In January-June, the Ukrainians crossed the Polish land frontier 5.7 million times, which is 19.5% more than it was last year, while the Poles crossed the Ukrainian land frontier 1.2 million times, which is 26.4% less.

In its statistics, Border Guard officials do not collect data on a number of people crossing the border, but only the sheer number of its crossings. The same people can - and often do - cross the border several times a week, or even a day, mainly doing the purchase of goods for resale.

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