In Ukraine, a new outbreak of measles is expected to accelerate during the winter-spring period of 2012-2013, chief pediatric immunologist of Kyiv Fedir Lapiy told a press conference on topic "How to prepare child's immunity before school or kindergarten?" ForUm correspondent reports.

"Measles is characterized by cycle, and the peak of incidence occurs every five-six years. For the last time, the measles outbreak happened in 2005-2006," the chief doctor said.

In addition, Lapiy reported that starting with January 2012, about 12 thousand people have got the measles in Ukraine.

"Official statistics are always a little lower compared with the real situation," he said.

Meanwhile, the chief pediatric immunologist warned that this year, there may be intermissions with the measles vaccines. He explained that in previous years, parents refused to vaccinate their children. However, when the outbreak of virus occurred in 2005-2006, all parents went with their children to health centers.

In addition, Lapiy said that every child under 18 years old, who during his life has not received two immunizations against measles, is entitled to get the unscheduled vaccination in the state clinic.


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