Starting from this week, Polish President Bronisław Komorowski can issue the Polish passport to any foreigner. The new law on citizenship adopted in 2009 but coming into force just now gives him this right.

To receive the Polish documents, a person should live in the country no less than three years. During this time, he should learn the language, get steady income and has a house. This is confirmed by a certificate of employment, a document on the apartment or on the agreement on its lease.

Earlier, only persons without citizenship, foreigners who entered into a marriage with Poles and people whose parents chose another citizenship after their birth could get Polish citizenship. And now, more than 100 thousand legal foreigners who live among 38 million Poles can receive Polish citizenship.

There are about 30 thousand Ukrainians among foreigners in Poland. Theoretically, they may become the Poles, but the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry assures that it will not go for thousands of people, but for tens or, in extreme cases, hundreds of people.

"The Polish visa is not easy to obtain. Firstly, you need to find a permanent job and earn money for housing. We shouldn’t wait that thousands of workers will travel to Poland for a passport. They are easier to obtain a Schengen visa through Romania and Hungary and go to work to the European Union," director of the press service of the Foreign Ministry Oleh Voloshyn said.


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