On August 15, at the extraordinary session, the deputies of the City Council of Izmayil (Odesa region) granted the Russian language the status of the regional language. At the same time, the City Council refused to consider the initiative of the Bulgarian non-governmental organizations on the granting the status of regional language to Bulgarian.

According to the Ukraine’s last census, Izmayil has the Russian-dominated population (43.7%), followed by Ukrainians (38%), Bulgarians (10%) and Moldovans (4.3%). The other groups are small.

The representatives of several NGOs appealed to the authorities of the city to include in its agenda the issue of the granting the status of regional language to Bulgarian, providing the necessary data. However, they were denied. Currently, they are preparing the complaints to send to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, in particular.

As reported, under the new language law, the national minorities can expect granting regional status to their language within the district, city, town or village if, according to the latest census, 10% population use it.


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