The law on the principles of national language policy, which has been in force for two weeks already, will be amended in fall. The Party of Regions members and the authors of the bill Vadym Kolesnichenko and Serhiy Kivalov suggested introducing some amendments to it.

Their proposals were submitted to the commission headed by vice Prime Minister Rayisa Bohatyriova, which should prepare draft amendments to the law. Among the amendments, offered by Kolesnichenko and Kivalov, the most important is the proposal to cancel the printing of ballot papers in regional languages during the all-Ukrainian elections.

"Printing ballots in different places, we can get the charges of electoral fraud, which we do not need at all," Kolesnichenko explains. In addition, the law is to oblige the local officials and judges to study the regional languages. Moreover, Kolesnichenko and Kivalov asked Bohatyriova to expand her commission: "Now, it includes only the representatives of the Ukrainian intellectuals, we propose to include the intellectuals, whose native languages are Russian, Hungarian and others."

However, the proposal of adviser to the President Hanna Herman on raising the barrier, allowing to introduce the regional language, from 10% up to 20-30% of the population cannot be implemented, according to Kolesnichenko. "This proposal is directed against the Hungarian, the Romanian and the Crimean Tatar languages that with increasing the barrier will lose their regional status as they have 10-15% in their regions. In this case, the law on the principles of national language policy will turn into the law on the Russian language, as only it could be granted the status of regional language. I do not think it's right".


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