Yesterday, the Ternopil regional council decided that the law on principles of the state language policy does not have any legal effects in the region. For this decision, 66 MPs voted in favor, seven deputies did not vote and one abstained.

MPs consider the law to have been adopted in violation of the tenth article of the Constitution, which states that "Ukrainian is the state language." In this regard, the Ternopil regional council appealed to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to recognize the document as unconstitutional.

"We call upon the judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, if they have still a grain of the human conscience, to recognize the law of Ukraine on principles of the state language policy as unconstitutional," the statement of the Ternopil regional council says.

As reported, Odessa, Donetsk and Zaporizhya regional councils, as well as Sevastopil city council decided to grant Russian the status of the regional language.


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