Potential receivers will get used to the state program of soft housing loans within a certain period, chairman of the State Fund for Youth Housing Leonid Risukhin told ForUm correspondent.

"For example, in 1997-99, when our Fund began originating soft housing loans at 3% per annum, we literally had to persuade people receive money. Now this program is in such demand that we have to automate the selection of participants and to introduce an electronic rating system. The same thing happened in 2003 with the launch of partial compensation of commercial bank loans. In the first year of the program, about three hundred families benefited from it, in 2005 - more than ten thousand families," the expert said.

Risuhin added that the Cabinet has prepared two draft resolutions aimed at improving the mechanisms for providing affordable mortgage. "So, it is proposed to simplify access to the program. Now the criteria for receiving state compensation for loans are defined in the Article 34 of the Housing Code, which enlists the categories. Each application needs certain certificates, and this complicates the process. Therefore it is proposed to give access to the Affordable Housing project for all who stand in the queue for housing. And also for all those whose living space in the place of registration is less than the statutory rate of 9 square meters. Such applicants will have only to give the form #3certificate on the number family members," the expert said.

In addition, it is proposed to cancel the rule limiting the amount of compensable loan, as well as reduce the requirements for the first installment. "Today, it makes up not less than 25%, but we want to make the first installment smaller in case of a third-party guarantee. Hopefully in the coming days, these two resolutions will be accepted and published," Risuhin said.


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