On August 16, at its extraordinary session, the Zaporizhya regional council, decided to implement the provisions of the law on national language policy, which provides for granting the Russian language the status of the regional language.

79 deputies out of 81 registered (the total number is 100) voted in favor of this decision.
Chairman of the regional council Pavlo Matvienko asked deputies to support this decision in his report prior to consideration of the draft decision.

Citing the data provided by the Zaporizhya Main Department of Statistics, the document notes that as of 2001, the language group of citizens who believe their mother tongue Russian made up 48.19% of the population. In general, there are representatives of 16 language groups in the region.

According to the decision, the Russian language as a regional language, shall be used in the local government bodies and local self-government authorities, applied and taught in state and communal educational establishments and be also used in other spheres of public life.

The local councils are recommended to consider the application of measures aimed at the use of other regional or minority languages in the region under the current legislation.

Also, the Zaporizhya regional administration is recommended to specify the costs required for implementing the decision and take them into account when making changes to the regional budget for the current year and the draft regional budget for 2013.



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