The Polish authorities have already issued nearly three thousand legal residence permits to citizens of foreign countries who have illegally lived in Poland since its joining the Schengen Area. More than thousand Ukrainians have received such permits.

According to recent data of the Polish Internal Ministry, the citizens of Ukraine topped the list of foreigners on the number of permits obtained, being ahead of the Vietnamese, who submitted the biggest number of applications for legalization under a special "abolicja" promotion, realized in the first half of this year.

"At the moment, the Ministry has legalized 2.831 foreigners who have been staying in Poland, in particular, without interruption, at least since December 20, 2007, and have been living in the country illegally until the entry into force of the law on legalization, that is, until January 1, 2012," the Ministry spokesman said.

The Ukrainians have already received about 1.1 thousand permits out of nearly two thousand applications for legalization.

The Vietnamese citizens, who have filed nearly 2.2 thousand applications, received 800 permits to legally stay in Poland. The Armenian citizens have received about 400 permits out of more than 700 applications.

The citizens of Russia and Belarus have received less than a hundred permits.

The Polish Ministry reminded that a permit issued under the "abolicja" promotion allows to legally stay in Poland during the next two years and work without the need for official permission to work.



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