The biggest direct western neighbor of Ukraine and member of the European Union Poland allowed dual citizenship and simplified a procedure of issuance to foreigners including Ukrainians. The new law on citizenship comes into force today.

"Starting from August 15 of this year, the President can grant Polish citizenship to all foreigners regardless of fact whether they lived or how long they lived in Poland," the Polish Internal Ministry reports noting that previously the head of state granted citizenship only in "exceptional cases."

The new law also allowed to grant Polish citizenship to all foreigners within a procedure conducted by the governor (an analogue of the chairman of regional state administration in Ukraine) and reduced the time required for filing such application.

The Ministry noted that earlier only persons without citizenship, foreigners who entered into a marriage with the Poles, and people whose parents chose another citizenship after their birth could get Polish citizenship.

The new law also abolished the rule that everyone who wanted to receive the Polish citizenship had to abandon his previous one.

The ministry also reported that the new law on citizenship, which was adopted in 2009, was officially published in February of this year after the country's Constitutional Court upheld the constitutionality of one of its articles appealed by the President of Poland.


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