On July 30, in Semeikino village of Krasnodon district of Luhansk region, a man and a woman kidnapped three-year-old girl Kristina Kabakova.

At night, July 31, police found the kidnapped girl alive and healthy in the house of the kidnappers. On August 1, it was revealed that the woman, who kidnapped the girl, killed two adopted children – girls of three and four years old in 2011. She kidnapped Krisitna to hide one of the murders.
As ForUm correspondent reports, the Children's Ombudsman Yuri Pavlenko said that the reason for the murder of adopted children was a failure of the local service for children to comply with the relevant legislation.

"This is great grief, great tragedy. But this is an isolated incident, not the system. This tragedy might have been prevented if the officials had complied with the laws. The employees of the Krasnodon District Council did not properly fulfill their duties. And the mayor did not control the service properly," he said.

According to Pavlenko, the violation of the children’s rights led to the tragedy.

"The reason is non-observance of paying frequent visits to adopted children. Throughout the year, social workers should have visited the family. They came one and a half years after the adoption. They are obliged to visit the family two or three months after the court decision on adoption. This would prevent the death of the second child," the official said.

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