On August 13, at the extraordinary session of the Odesa City Council, the deputies adopted the resolution on the implementation of the law of Ukraine on national language policy in Odesa. Having adopted this resolution, the City Council granted the Russian language the status of the regional language in Odesa. All 73 deputies, registered in the session hall, voted in favor of this decision.
The coauthor of the language bill MP Vadym Kolesnichenko was personally present at the session. The mayor of Odessa Oleksiy Kostusev said that according to sociological research, 89% of the Odesa residents give ethnolinguistic preferences to the Russian language.

On behalf of the citizens of Odesa, he thanked the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and congratulated the citizens on this decision: "The adoption of such decisions fully meet the realities of the language situation in the city. Due to effective preparatory work of the Mayor's Office and the deputies, we are absolutely ready to implement the provisions of the language law in Odesa in full. I congratulate all the Odesa residents on the adoption of a long-awaited and important decision for our city," the mayor of Odesa said.

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