The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes to amend the formation scheme of the state order for the higher education discarding guarantees for the fixed number of personnel.

According to the draft law №10 720 registered in the Verkhovna Rada, the Economy Ministry develops a forecast for the state order following the proposals sent from the state customers, federation of trade unions and national representative of employers. Then the Economy Ministry makes proposals to the draft budget.

The state order, according to the bill, must be approved annually by a separate decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The explanatory note to the bill states "the draft law does not require a public discussion."

Under the current law "On education", the state budget education financing scheme provides for budget financing of no less than 100 students in the higher educational institutions of the first and second levels of accreditation and 180 students in the higher educational institutions of the third and fourth levels of accreditation per every 10 thousand people.


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