The rate of language speakers’ number to introduce their native language as a regional one can be raised up to 20-30%, adviser to the President of Ukraine Hanna Herman said.

"I believe that the current rate is very low. This level must be raised up to 20-30%. This is on of the amendments to the law, which we discussed with the President and which may be taken," Herman said.

The advisor to the President, called the law "hasty, half-done and contradictory to many other acts and laws".

According to her, the first amendment to the law may be considered in the Parliament in September.
"The rate (necessary to grant the status of regional language) must be raised from 10% to 20-30%. In addition, it is necessary to remove the first part of the phrase "can be used instead of the language or simultaneously with it," Herman said, explaining that the languages should co-exist, rather than exclude each other.

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