Foreign Ministry of Poland recalled all visa consuls and the Consul General Marek Martinek from the Polish Consulate in Lutsk in connection with the abuses in the issuance of visas, the director of the consular department of the Foreign Ministry of Poland Miroslaw Gajewski told today a press conference in Warsaw.

He noted that the inspection carried out by the ministry employees, which ended yesterday, has identified a number of violations in the work of the Polish Consulate in Lutsk. Among these violations Gajewski called the provision of the "preferential conditions" for the visa issuance to the applicants who could get a visa out of turn, and the creation of a "virtual queue" by the official intermediary – the VFS Global visa center in Lutsk, whose work should have been controlled over by the consular staff.

Gajewski said that the Foreign Ministry officials have not found "direct evidence" of corruption in the actions of the consular staff, noting that such materials should be collected by the law enforcement officers.

"We cannot confirm this with the help of mechanisms we have. The only thing we could do in a situation where there is no full confidence in the consuls – to completely replace them," he said.

Gajewski specified that all five consuls were recalled from Lusk. The Consul General Marek Martinek was also recalled as he failed to provide appropriate control over the process of visa issuance.



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