President Viktor Yanukovych signed the law on ratification of the free trade area agreement within the Commonwealth of Independent States, ForUm learned from the President’s press office.

In particular, the agreement stipulates that the party shall not impose customs duties and other payments equivalent to them except for those listed in appendices to the agreement on other party.
The duties listed in the appendices include tax exemptions for the supplies of sugar to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova: for the Customs Union countries it shall make up 340 dollars per ton (no time limits) for Moldova - 75% of customs by 2015.

By 2015, Kazakhstan shall retain the duty on imports of Ukrainian vodka at the rate of 2 EUR per liter. By 2013, Moldova shall retain the duty on imports of Ukrainian alcohol at the rate of 0.5 EUR per liter.
Also the list of exceptions includes a fee of 50% of customs value for the supply of sugar to Ukraine from the Customs Union countries and Moldova.

Russia retains the export tax on natural gas in the amount of 30%, but with the proviso that Ukraine will have a special formula.

Ukraine retains for itself the export duty on ferroalloys, scrap metal and sunflower seeds in the amount fixed in the agreements with the World Trade Organization.

In addition, the agreement provides for freedom of transit, but with the proviso that the pipeline transit shall not fall under the scope of the provisions providing for transit.

Within six months after the entry into force of this agreement, the parties shall initiate negotiations on the preparation of a separate agreement on the pipeline transit.

The agreement gives the parties an opportunity to introduce anti-dumping and safeguard duties, but it regulates the consultations required for this.

The disputes between the parties shall be submitted for consideration either for the CIS Economic Court (located in Minsk, Belarus) or a special expert commission.


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