Ramadan is a good reason for the consolidation of society and the development of a healthy dialogue between its different groups, the Mufti of Ukraine, Sheikh Ahmad Tamim said during the official Iftar dinner in the month of Ramadan, ForUm correspondent reports. "We must all work for the prosperity of the country in which we live. We are the part of the Ukrainian society, multiethnic and multicultural," the Mufti said.

According to him, the Muslims are always happy with open and friendly dialogue aimed at mutual understanding. According to the Sheikh "this Iftar is taking place now everywhere in Ukraine, where there are Muslims. And throughout the Islamic world as well. And so will be throughout the month of Ramadan. Each day, the representatives of various Muslim nations present their national cuisine, inviting other people to communicate with them. The mosques are open not only to fellow Muslims, they are open to all".

Ahmad Tamim continued: "We are all different, but each of us makes a contribution to the strengthening of the country. It is necessary to spread and strengthen the love between human beings for the good of society. "


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