Ukrainian contractors discredited the Russian Army in course of the Russian-Georgian war in August 2008, the message published on the official web-site of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation says.

According to the message, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues conducting the criminal investigation into the events took place in South Ossetia in August 2008. The materials of the criminal case number more than 400 volumes.

"The investigators obtained the testimonies of witnesses who affirm that prior to the entry of Russian troops in Gori and other towns on the border with Georgia, Ukrainian contractors dressed in the form of the Russian army participated in creating photo and video footage of the alleged acts of violence and looting of Russian soldiers against the civilian population in Georgian villages, to mislead people in Georgia and the international community," the message says.

In addition, the investigation of this criminal case ascertained the facts confirming the actions of the Georgian authorities, aimed at discrediting the Russian army.

Moreover, the message says that the Russian authorities are taking steps to initiate the inquiry procedure at the International Criminal Court.


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