Ukrainian Olympic team has a tough luck at the Olympic Games in London - it has been deprived of several, honestly earned medals. It caused an outburst of protests not only in the world of sport but among the high authorities as well. Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has urged the Olympic committee to fight for the results. In this respect, the PM has recalled the episode with the unrecorded goal in the match between Ukraine and England at Euro-2012 and the case of men's team on gymnastics, which lost the bronze due to reconsidered decision by the judges.

"In such kinds of sport as gymnastics, where the result depends on judging, we must elarn to fight for our results," the Premier stressed. 

As reported, Ukrainian Olympic team has already faced a major disappointment, when the men's Olympic Artistic Gymnastics Team was deprived of bronze medals. As the result of the competition, Ukraine was in bronze medal position and Japan finished in fourth, but the latter launched an inquiry into the score of Kohei Uchimura's Pommel Horse routine and judges reconsidered their decision. In the result, Japan claimed silver and Ukraine downgraded to the fourth position, losing the bronze to Great Britain. Ukrainian team has no right to launch a protest, as according to the Artistic Gymnastics regulations a team cannot challenge the actions of another team.

In addition, Ukrainian athlete Ludmila Iosipenko lost the bronze because the German athlete Lilli Swarzkopf was first disqualified and then brought back again. The Olympic committee  also repeatedly challenged the result of the fight between Ukrainian boxer Evhen Khitrov and British Entony Ogogo, considering it unfair.

ForUm has asked sportsmen, coaches, representatives of federations and lawyer about the reason Ukraine's results are being reconsidered not in our favour.

Oleksandr Volkov, MP from the Party of Regions, basketball Olympic champion of 1988, the president of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine:

- A really interesting chain is composed, starting from the provocation with the NOC Secretary Volodymyr Herashchenko invented by the British journalists, ending by not scored Ukrainian goal in Ukraine-England match during Euro 2012.

In my opinion, sport has become big politics. The Olympic spirit, which prevailed at the games in the past few years, is no longer felt. It is clear that in the past everyone wanted to win also, but there was no such agio around victory at any cost.

Today, Ukraine is one of those new countries that really have sports ambitions. Many of the world leading countries do not like this. Perhaps that is why they want to cut us down to size, figuratively speaking.

Heorhy Voronov, coach of the Ukrainian women's national handball team:

I wish the judges' decision corresponded to the facts. The Ukrainian boxer won for sure. The judges' decision was unfair. The same happened with the heptathlon athlete and the gymnasts. It's not our fault if organizers messed up.

It's not the fault of our athlete that the German athlete was first disqualified and then brought back again.

I wish our athletes received their medals. They deserve it. It is a well-known fact that Ukraine does not have authority at the Olympics. This episode with disqualification and further reinstitution seems biased.

Ihor Korobchinsky, double Olympic champion in gymnastics (1992, 1996), first vice-president of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation:

The decisions to take away medals from Ukrainian men's gymnastics team, athlete Lyudmyla Iosipenko and boxer Yevhen Khitrov are rather of political nature than sporting one. Of course, this is purely my personal opinion. You know, I've participated in many Olympic Games, and my students often become champions, but it is the first time I see such an attitude to our athletes, and athletes of post-Soviet states in general.

It's time we build a logical chain of events. First, there were accusations of racism on the eve of Euro 2012, then there was a scandal with the Secretary General of our National Olympic Committee Volodymyr Herashchenko – these facts are very similar to the planned campaign.

However, Ukraine cannot always demand to give back medals. The fact is there are certain rules and laws adopted by the international federations. We can be gently explained the provisions, which do not provide for an appeal. Then Ukraine will find itself in a funny situation. Ukraine should work very actively for its best athletes are the members of the technical committees, executive committees of the International Olympic Committee. I think after the Olympics are over, there will be a very serious discussion at the level of the national Olympic committees. First and foremost, it will concern holding of fair Olympics.

Yuri Belonog, Olympic champion of 2004 in shot put:

- A morning decision is reconsidered in the evening. All our appeals have been declined. In this situation, it is hard to speak about unbiased judges.

I cannot say for sure what it is all about. Probably, the post soviet countries are considered second-rate, or probably they simply envy us. Germany, for example, can prepare three sportsmen in one discipline. But Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus can do the same. Probably, this fact annoys someone very much.

Valery Borzov, President of the Athletics Federation of Ukraine:

- It's a shame that on such bright sport event like the Olympics, referees allow suspecting them of injustice. Although there were few protests from the CIS countries, none of them is yet satisfied, despite the arguments. This weakens the positive impression of the Games, and in the future, such an approach can reduce the interest in them on a global scale.

It is not interesting when there are "right" countries and all the rest. We will repeatedly raise this issue after the Olympics, because if not to combat the violations, their number will keep growing.

Rostislav Kravetsk, eldest partner of "Kravets, Novak and partners" law firm:

- I want to remind that not only Ukraine appeals the decisions. Russia has appealed the results of heptathlon, Belarus has challenged the decision on box quarterfinal between Sergey Korneyev and Teimur Mamedov (Azerbaijan). However, all these appeals have been declined. It seems that CIS sportsmen are being prejudiced. It is not the first time it happens in the games. Remember Atlanta-1996, when for some reason only Americans "had to win".

Even if any of the appeals is satisfied, the process may last for years. For example, Belarus challenged the decision to deprive medals of its sportsmen Vadim Deviatovski and Ivan Tikhon after Olympic Games 2008. The country won the case, but medals were returned only by the end of summer 2010.

Leonid Ratner, head coach of the handball Ukrainian national team:

- I, as a coach, always come across such a biased attitude towards us at the Olympic Games. But it is impossible to say that this year we suffered from biased attitude in all cases. No one is going to help us and forgive something.

Such an atmosphere is being observed during all the years of the Ukrainian independence. To emerge from this situation, the country should have the authority. We must fight and not to compromise. Strong people are welcomed always and everywhere.


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