The reduction of road mortality rate is possible in Ukraine under condition of tougher penalties for violation of traffic regulations and strengthening of fight against corruption in the state car inspection, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Andriy Klyuyev said commenting on the series of measures prepared by the government to improve the road safety, the press service of the NSDC told ForUm.

According to him, the statistics steadily confirm the dependence of the level of deaths and injuries in traffic accidents on changes of control over the observance of traffic rules and the severity of punishment for their violation.

The demographic problems will significantly restrain the rate of development of Ukraine in the coming decades, Klyuyev said. Therefore, our country should not only increase the birth rate, but also reduce the mortality by all means. "Of course, the death rate in road accidents (6-7 thousand per year) cannot be compared with the level of mortality from cardiovascular diseases (44-47 thousand). But the mortality rate on the Ukrainian roads is more than twice higher than, for example, in Germany or the United Kingdom. And the death in road accidents in Ukraine is among the leaders of unnatural deaths’ causes. Also mostly young people of active working age are killed on the roads," the secretary of the NSDC said.

Answering a question about corruption in traffic police, Klyuyev noted that it is important to combat this phenomenon all the time. An officer should fear not only losing his job, but a tough sentence as well. Reducing the corruption in traffic police can also influence the discipline of drivers and, therefore, can reduce deaths from accidents, the secretary of NSDC of Ukraine said.

In his opinion, the most effective way for drivers to fight against corruption in traffic police is to know the road traffic regulations well and not to violate them.


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