The Health Ministry is examining the possibility of introducing restrictions on a number of pharmacies by setting a standard at the rate of one pharmacy per five thousand people, the first deputy chairman of the State Service of Ukraine on Drugs Control Inna Demchenko reported.

"This subject is being studied. The Health Ministry has already proposed changes to license conditions related to walking distance. It is 300 meters in the city, 400 meters in the regional centers between pharmacies, and one pharmacy per five thousand people in cities," she said at a conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Demchenko noted that the State Committee on Enterprise supported these proposals in contrast with the Antimonopoly Committee that "blocked" all offers.

"We hope, nevertheless, to hold a general meeting with pharmacy associations and convince the Antimonopoly Committee by common efforts that such restrictions are necessary to be introduced," she said.

According to Demchenko, the rate of "one pharmacy per five thousand people" functions in many countries, and in Denmark one pharmacy serves 17 thousand people.


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