The Council of Ministers of Crimea has signed a Memorandum on holding of fair and transparent elections in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

According to the press service of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, the purpose of signing the document is a creation of conditions for fair, democratic and transparent elections in Crimea.

Prime Minister of Crimea Anatoly Mohyliov noted that all parties could join the Memorandum. "We are open for a dialogue. The Crimean MPs will protect the interests of our region and all Crimeans. So our common goal is to observe the law and to ensure transparent and fair elections," he stressed.

The Prime Minister of Crimea and authorized representatives of the Crimean republican organization of 13 political parties have signed the Memorandum.

According to the document, during the election campaign the parties should strictly observe the Constitution of Ukraine and regulations of the election legislation, build relationships between the electoral subjects on the principles of equality and mutual respect and follow the moral and ethical standards. The participants of the Memorandum have also accepted obligations not to spread false information, as well as prevent any pressure on the citizens, the media, the representatives of various political forces and business and ensure fair elections in Crimea, which will be held on October 28.


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