The decisions to take away medals from Ukrainian men's gymnastics team, athlete Lyudmyla Iosipenko and boxer Yevhen Khitrov are rather of political nature than sporting one. This opinion was expressed in an exclusive commentary given to ForUm by double Olympic champion in gymnastics (1992, 1996), first vice-president of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation Ihor Korobchinsky.

"Of course, this is purely my personal opinion. You know, I've participated in many Olympic Games, and my students often become champions, but it is the first time I see such an attitude to our athletes, and athletes of post-Soviet states in general," he said.

According to Korobchinsky, you should always build a logical chain of events.

"First, there were accusations of racism on the eve of Euro 2012, then there was a scandal with the Secretary General of our National Olympic Committee Volodymyr Herashchenko – these facts are very similar to the planned campaign,"  he said.

However, the first vice-president of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation said that Ukraine cannot always demand to give back medals. "The fact is there are certain rules and laws adopted by the international federations. We can be gently explained the provisions, which do not provide for an appeal. Then Ukraine will find itself in a funny situation," Korobchinsky said.

In his opinion, Ukraine should work very actively for its best athletes are the members of the technical committees, executive committees of the International Olympic Committee.

"I think after the Olympics are over, there will be a very serious discussion at the level of the national Olympic committees. First and foremost, it will concern holding of fair Olympics," Korobchinsky summed up.

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