In July this year, gold and foreign currency reserves grew by more than 2.5%, deputy director of the Institute of Innovative Entrepreneurship Valentyna Lavrenenko said.

According to her, the growth is relatively small, but against the backdrop of the previous reduction of reserves and the uncertainty of the economic situation, this trend is quite positive. To some extent, the expert believes, it testifies to the NBU's ability to diversify its sources of reserves replenishment, using modern financial instruments.

She also added that the five-year Eurobonds are quite an effective tool in this situation, because they can get and use the time for the global economic situation to stabilize.

Economic expert Dmytro Kiselyov also welcomes the successful placement of government securities in July.

"Certainly, the $ 30 billion gold and foreign currency reserves are better than those of 29 billion dollars before. Another positive fact is that government securities were sold. This is an optimistic signal, a reliable indicator of demand - necessary long-term government bonds appeared on the market," Kiselyov said.


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