The experts believe the planned issue of treasury bonds in foreign currency to be an impetus for development of the Ukrainian financial market.

"The people have uninvested significant means, in foreign currency mostly. This is the investment resource, which our economy lacks, and which citizens are afraid to confide in banks and other financial intermediaries. The inflow of funds into the financial market will be able to partially compensate the effects of negative balance of payments. Moreover, the appearance of an additional financial instrument will give an additional impetus to the development of the financial market and promotion of its tools to the public," assistant professor of finance at Kyiv National Trade and Economic University Halyna Kucher said.

She also notes that the instrument could be interesting for people to diversify financial contributions.

Deputy director of the Institute of Innovative Entrepreneurship Valentyn Lavrynenko believes that the issue of treasury bonds in foreign currency for individuals will partially satisfy the needs of the state in foreign currency for external accounts and economic turnover.

She also added that the competent explanatory work will make treasury bonds popular among the population.

In early August, President Viktor Yanukovych approved a law allowing the issuance of treasury bonds in foreign currency.


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