Swimming is forbidden on all beaches in Kyiv, the deputy head doctor of the Kyiv City Sanitary-Epidemiological Station (SES) Yuli Zhyhalov announced.

The official said that as of today, the SES does not recommend swimming on all 11 official beaches. "They are not closed, people can get solar procedures, breathe the air, but we do not recommend swimming," he said.

Zhyhalov explained that due to a non-traditional hot weather the quality standards for surface waters have deteriorated a lot. "We have undertaken more than 500 studies. And basically the water does not meet sanitary-chemical and microbiological parameters indicating its contamination. The public health doctors have issued 11 decisions on swimming ban," he said.

According to the latest research findings, the deputy head doctor of the Kyiv City SES said that  lactose-positive Bacillus coli has exceeded in water, which is an indicator of overall pollution.

"The restoration of swimming season officially depends on natural factors. In 2010 there was a great heat during two months, and water was restored in early October. Therefore, the restoration of the swimming season was irrelevant. We do not know how it will happen this season. But while we have such indicators, then, of course, we will not allow and recommend swimming," Zhyhalov said.

He recalled that at the beginning of swimming season in Kyiv, 11 official beaches were planned to be opened, and the SES agreed on seven beaches. But since June 8, due to the high temperatures, the SES has been gradually makin orders on swimming ban.


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