The Cabinet of Ministers approved the conception of state policy in field of activity in certain areas of radioactive contamination in the consequence of the Chernobyl disaster.

The relevant document was approved by the governmental decree № 535-p dated July 18.

The document provides for study the issue of placement in the Chernobyl zone a foundry with subsequent use of metal in manufacturing containers for radioactive waste storage.

According to the conception, the capacity for decontamination of equipment and materials for their further economic use is also planned to be developed in the exclusion zone.

In addition, it is planned to consider the issue of construction in the exclusion zone of cogeneration plants for wood burning, and burning of agricultural energy crops cultivated in the Chernobyl zone.
In such a way it is expected to immobilize a part of radionuclides present in the soil.

The conception also provides for consideration of placement of wind and solar power plants in the exclusion zone.

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