The NBU is to establish the securities settlement system (Settlement Center), provided by the law on the depository system of Ukraine, to enhance the reliability of the stock market.

"It is NBU, which provides real reliability in payment systems. In this context I should remind that Ukraine is very interested in foreign investment. So the reliability of the National Bank of Ukraine fully satisfies the largest foreign banks (including those of Russia) that have subsidiaries in Ukraine. All of these subsidiaries opened correspondent accounts in the NBU," the head of the Ukrainian Stock Traders Association Serhiy Antonov said in the interview

According to Antonov, the participation of the NBU in the stock market responds to the world trends.

"The European Central Bank, which conducts a comprehensive policy of financial integration in the European Union, is the example of active participation of the Central Bank in the development of financial market infrastructure. The infrastructure projects, successfully implemented by the ECB, are the TARGET project and its modified version TARGET2. Two other large-scale infrastructure projects, the TARGET2SECURITIES and the CCBM2 are under development and are to be launched no later than in 2014.

Russia can serve the example of such an approach. Russia owns the MICEX RTS exchange (through the central bank and state banks) to control settlement and depository infrastructure of the state," the head of the Ukrainian stock traders Association considers.


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