In the current legislation of Ukraine, there is no prohibition on recording police officers in the discharge of their duties, the MP of the NU-NS faction, lieutenant-general Henady Moskal told ForUm.

"The Civil Code prohibits recording an individual person without his consent, and a police officer on duty is not an individual person, he is a public officer in the discharge of his duties. Wearing a uniform, the officer put himself on public display. Therefore, there are no prohibitions in the law on recording a policeman on duty," the MP said.

According to him, such a ban may be in relation to an individual person only. "When a police officer takes off his uniform, for example, and walks with his wife, and someone wants to record them, then you need to ask his permission," Moskal said.

"Today anyone can take a picture of the MPs in the session hall, one picks his nose, another looks through magazines with naked girls, a third one texts love messages. And no one gets offended, because MPs are at work. And the police officers should not be outraged when they are recorded at their work, because any public person can be recorded without asking his permission," the MP summed up.


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