During August 2 (the fourth day of documents receipt), the Central Election Commission received document for registration of single-mandate constituency deputies candidates from 190 people, ForUm learned from the CEC spokesman.
Of them, 106 people are self-nominated candidates. 84 candidates for single-mandate constituency deputies were put forward by 10 political parties, in particular: the People's Initiative Party (11 candidates), the People's Party Party (38 candidates), the All-Ukrainian Party of Workers (1 candidate), the Brotherhood Party (1 candidate), the People's Party of Depositors and social protection (2 candidates), the Party of Free Democrats (1 candidate), the Political Party of Small and Medium Businesses of Ukraine (1 candidate), the Greens Party  (9 candidates), the Viche Party (19candidates), the Public solidarity Party (1 candidate).

In addition, on August 2, the CEC received the election list of candidates and the relevant documents from 61 people from the Greens political party for further registration in the national multi-member constituencies.
Thus, only in four days of documents receipt (30 July - 2 August), the CEC received the documents for further registration from 764 people to register in the majority districts, including 360 self-nominees in the majority constituencies and 404 nominees from the political parties in the majority constituencies.


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