Foreign currency treasury bills for individuals, the Finance Ministry plans to issue soon, will be protected against forgery not worse than the world's leading currencies banknotes are, the head of the NBU Department of banking supervision Oleksiy Tkachenko said in the interview with Bank-TV channel.

"Our specialists are working in this direction, because they understand that a $500 treasury is actually worth four thousand hryvnias. These securities should be protected better than, for example, a banknote of 500 UAH," he said.

"They should be protected even better than a hundred-dollar banknote," Tkachenko emphasized.
He reminded that the foreign currency treasury bills are actually the first step, the first attempt of the Finance Ministry to issue a similar tool.

"The more financial instruments operating in the country, the better for people and businesses is. Moreover, this tool is very profitable and optimal for individuals for several reasons. The yield corresponds to that on foreign currency deposits. Every day there is a two-sided quotation for the purchase and sale - that, in fact, ensures absolute liquidity. It is the state, who is responsible for payments, not a commercial bank, so the risks are minimized. Indeed, it is a very handy tool for people. And its use testifies to the positive development of the country's economy," Tkachenko said.

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