Government treasury bills, the Finance Ministry plans to release soon, will be issued in paper form so any individual will be able to purchase them, the head of the NBU Department of banking supervision Oleksiy Tkachenko said in the interview with Bank-TV channel.

"Their main difference from the government bonds, issued earlier, is that treasury bonds will be issued in form of cash – paper form. Previous issues of bonds were issued in a cashless form. The interest rate, maturity and payout period are also likely to differ," he stressed.

According to him, the yield calculations for bills have not been fully defined yet.

"The final calculations have not been figured out, but we expect the yield to be in the corridor between 8 and 10 per cent per annum. That is, at the level of yield on bonds, which were issued earlier by the Finance Ministry," the banker said.

According to Tkachenko, the $500 bills are planned to be issued. The total volume of emission is to make up $200 million

"If this tool will be popular, and I think it will be, then the additional issues are planned. Perhaps, then, the periods will be changed for longer ones, and the face value will be larger," the head of the NBU Department of banking supervision said.


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