Issuance of state treasury bonds denominated in foreign currency for population is the right step. However, this tool is still difficult for ordinary Ukrainians, the president of PrivatBank Oleksandr Dubilet said in his interview with the Evening Kyiv newspaper.

"The tool is correct, but still is very difficult for the population to use. We are learning how to sell such securities," he stressed.
In addition, the head of the largest Ukrainian bank refuted the view that treasury bonds can be a challenge for commercial banks and will compete with their deposit products.

"A bank should be engaged primarily in small retail deposits. A treasury bond is the tool for large-scale investment deposits, the part of the deposit portfolio. "In such context, a new tool cannot compete with deposits and will even allow banks to increase deposit base by increasing the number of clients with significant means. I would like to note once again that first bank should learn how to work with such clients," Dubilet said.

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