In Ukraine, on July 18, 2012, changes to the traffic regulations regarding the speed rate on roads came into force, the deputy head of the State Traffic Patrol Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Reznikov told a briefing, as ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, by relevant decree the Cabinet introduced a concept of temporary and permanent speed limit. "A temporary speed limit is set in the crowded places, in the places of special events and places of the natural phenomena. A permanent speed limit is set in front of the uncontrolled pedestrian crossings, the traffic police posts and near the school and preschool education institutions," he noted.

At the same time, Reznikov stressed that a sign explaining the reason for the limitation should be next to each speed limit sign.

He also said that inspectors are instructed not to penalize drivers for overspeeding when the sign of temporary speed limit due to the repair works is installed, and the works are not in process. "The driver should not be fined even if the sign is installed, but the repair works are not being carried out," Reznikov summed up.


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