The gas issue between Ukraine and Russia will be irrelevant before the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, and Russia will not make any offers on this issue, the Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov reported.

He also noted that the gas negotiations might occur after the elections and did not rule out that Russia would offer the same terms to Ukraine as to the countries wishing to cooperate with the Customs Union.

"And the terms, in general, are known. Today we conduct negotiations with a number of countries that are interested in cooperation with the Customs Union under the same terms. Time will show whether these conditions will be relevant in November. Before the elections, this issue is irrelevant," Zurabov said.

In addition, the ambassador stressed that Russia's planned modernization of the Black Sea Fleet cannot be a method of pressure on Ukraine in order to achieve certain results.

At the same time, he noted that today Russia's interest in the joint use of the Ukrainian gas transport system that was actual almost a year ago and could have been a compromise to resolve the bilateral gas dispute has changed.


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