The ratified agreement on the free trade area with CIS countries does not contradict the process of Ukraine's European integration, the MP from the Party of Regions Leonid Kozhara, the deputy chairman of the PR on the international policy, told ForUm.

"There are findings of the European Commission for Ukraine on the fact that this free trade area does not contradict the FTA with Europe. What is the difference between the Customs Union and the free trade area? Free trade is an agreed import tariffs and quotas on certain groups of goods. Customs Union is an organization with the relevant authorities setting goals based on the interests of the whole Customs Union," the diplomat said.

In addition, Kozhara noted that none of the free trade areas contradicts any other FTA. And the fact that today this agreement has been ratified, according to him, is a progressive step for Ukraine.

"Previous FTA signed by Ukraine within the CIS was not based on the requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Today, the customs tariffs of the WTO rules are approved in principle of the contract," he said adding that Ukraine's participation in this trade area provides the country with increased turnover by 30%.

"Today, the volume of trade in the former Soviet Union is great. Last year the volume of Ukrainian goods’ turnover amounted to 70 billion dollar," he said.

"I see no negative aspects in signing the agreement," he summed up.


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