The election to the Verkhovna Rada is scheduled for October 28. Today, on July 30, the election campaign is to start in Ukraine.

The election will be held under a mixed system. Half of the seats (225) will get the candidates gaining a simple majority of the vote in single-member constituencies. Another half will be distributed among the candidates from the lists of the parties that get more than 5% of the vote. Candidates for single-mandate constituencies can be nominated by parties or through self-nomination.

The last time the parliamentary election were held under a mixed system in 2002.

To register, a candidate for single-mandate constituencies should stand a bail in the amount of 13.224 UAH. 2 million 204 thousand UAH should be stood to register the party list.

Documents for registration of party lists as well as of candidates for single-mandate constituencies must be submitted to the CEC no later than August 13. In five days after, the CEC is to make a decision on registration or refusal of registration. Another two days are given to correct the errors and inaccuracies in the documents filed for registration. Thus, the registration of candidates is to be completed on August 20.

The parties and self-nominated candidates have the right to start campaigning the day after registration.

The CEC created 225 majority constituencies. However their distribution somewhat differs from that of 2002. The CEC created 33.540 ordinary and special polling stations in Ukraine and 114 foreign sites in 77 countries around the world.

The state budget allocates 1.2 billion UAH for holding of elections. However, just before the start of the parliamentary election campaign, the law on video monitoring of the elections was unexpectedly passed, providing for the installation of web cameras at all the polling stations and allocating for the purpose almost 1 billion UAH.
The President has not signed the law yet.

The CEC shall figure up the official election results until November 12 and publish them in the Holos Ukrainy and the Uryadovy courier governmental newspapers not later than five days after the decision on the voting results, that is no later than November 17.

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