Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said there are some political forces in Ukraine oriented only at the confrontation with Russia, not at modernization of the country.

"Over the last twenty years in Ukraine, a kind of political platform formed, which sees its activity not in modernizing the country but solely in confrontation with Russia. We do not dispute much about the ways of modernization of the country. We begin to argue when striving to agree on anything with Russia. When we solve our internal problems and the possible solution can be interpreted as that one in Russia's favor, a kind of muddy wave rises, I cannot name it in a different way. It has no rational kernel, it has one desire: to oppose our great neighbor, the country with which we lived together for many years. Such a course became especially evident at the time when the so-called "orange" were in power. The issue of the language law is the reaction of our political power to the events took place in our country over a five year term of the "orange" ruling," Azarov said in the interview with the Russian newspaper.

He noted that he sees no structural elements in the position of the forces that oppose the language law. "The President and the government clearly defined their position. We will thoroughly examine the proposed law, and if this law contains provisions that must be changed, if the amendments to this law are sensible, we are ready to compromise. For us the issues of stability and unity of Ukraine are extremely important, especially in a current unstable economic situation," the head of government said.

Responding the question what should be done to unite the Ukrainian nation, Azarov said: "You ask the question of a high importance for our political force. Our government is continuing the policy of the country's unity. For this reason sometimes we are accused of being indecisive and inconsistent. It's not about lack of decisiveness. The fact is that we, in essence, are confronting with the irrational forces. Moreover, these irrational forces are radical. So we have to conduct a policy of maximum prudence, thoughtfulness, a policy of compromise. It is because we want the country to unite. "

According to the Prime Minister, in the last twenty years, a complicated process of transformation of the socio-economic system of the country, in particular, the privatization took place. However, having conducted privatization policy, the country delayed in its modernization.
"For example, our gross domestic product is four times more energy intensive than the same product in Germany. It speaks of our technological backwardness. Therefore our main task is to rebuild our economy so that it is competitive to provide our people with a higher standard of living. This is the issue we need to focus our discussions on: how to perform this upgrade, what to invest in, what should be modernized immediately, using the limited resources?" Azarov said.

Moreover, he expressed the opinion that either Ukraine will take its place within the international division of labor or will be given a purely raw-exports role.
"By the way, Russia has the same problem. The other possible way for us is that we are interested to the world only as suppliers of grain and chemical fertilizers and the rest of our potential is be unattractive. However, our country has the large scientific potential, which is able to make a breakthrough! So I repeat: our political force is ready to compromise for the sake of a wider unity of the country and for such a breakthrough," Azarov said.

The Prime Minister considers necessary to analyze the experience of successful countries, which were able to climb out of the technological backwardness reaching the modern level in a very short historical period.

"The people of such countries united in an effort to go through rapid modernization. Moreover, the people were united around the ruling political force. In our country people often do not unite but split over the topics thrown in the public debate," Azarov says.


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