There are no prerequisites for the devaluation of the Ukraine’s currency, the participants of the teleconference bridge "Hryvnia before the election: What is the best way to protect savings of ordinary citizens?" voiced their shared vision, ForUm correspondent reports.

The director of the monetary policy department at the National Bank of Ukraine Olena Shcherbakova said that Ukrainians should keep their savings in hryvnia, stressing that this position is not only that of the National Bank, but her personal one as well.

Shcherbakova does not consider appropriate the advice of some experts to keep savings in different currencies. "There is no single 100% perfect currency," she said, recalling the situation with the U.S. national debt and the euro rate.

Shcherbakova stressed that currently Ukraine shows positive economic indicators. Among the other positive factors, the representative of the National Bank called Ukraine’s placing $2 billion Eurobonds. "The bad market will not attract an investor," she said.

The President of the Raiffeisen Bank Aval Volodymyr Lavrenchuk shared such a point of view. According to him, the bank's analysts predict the low "one-digit" inflation by the end of the year. The banker did not specify the exact figure, but explained it will be below 10. "There are no economic grounds for devaluation," he said.

In turn, the MP, ex-banker, Vasyl Horbal agreed with his colleagues and added that today the exchange rate of hryvnia should not be associated with the upcoming elections. However, there are always such politicians who, not being competent, will use this theme for self-promotion.

"There are many "prophets and diviners" in the world but we find out about crises not from them," the economic expert, the Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine Viktor Lysytsky supported Horbal.

All those present at the teleconference agreed that even if this fall there is a kind of traditional seasonal turbulence, the country has all the leverages and opportunities to maintain stable situation. The parliamentary elections will not affect the rate of national currency.


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