The National Bank should strictly regulate and limit the movement of the national and the foreign currencies taking into account the high level of shadow economy, corruption and money laundering, as well as the circulation of significant amounts of national and foreign currency outside the banking system and the need to ensure the stability of domestic financial market. The opinion was expressed by the associate professor of the finance department of the Kyiv National Trade and Economic University Halyna Kucher said.

"These activities will positively influence the monetary and foreign exchange markets, as well the legalization of business. The limiting measures will also bring to light a part of shadow business and will provide the influx of resources into the banking system of the state, which in turn will have a positive impact on the tax revenues to the budget and state social funds," the expert said.

"The use of noncash payments will simplify the calculations between counterparties, accelerate the circulation of resources of households and businesses, and ensure appropriate monitoring and timely actions against financial and other risks," Kucher assured.


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