In the very fervor of the admission campaign, which official ends on July 31, a ForUm correspondent decided to find out what are the most popular faculties among the future specialists and how much it costs to get higher education in Ukraine.

The first thing in the morning the ForUm correspondent went to the National Dragomanov's Pedagogical University. Though there were no long lines, tired applicants, some of them with parents were nervously passing back and forth.

"This year we've set the absolute record for the last ten years. As of today we have 26 thousand application submitted by school graduates. At the beginning of the admission campaign, we had two thousand applications to process daily. Daily we receive up to thousand applicants who arrived to apply in person and 400-600 applications through the electronic system. Among the most popular faculties this year there are foreign philology, tourism, editing and publishing," chief secretary of the admission commission Taras Olefirenko told ForUm. He also added that such big interest in publishing is not typical; this year it is observed for the first time.

The next education institution to visit was one of the most popular and expensive universities - The National Taras Shevchenko University. The interest and desire to study within the Shevchenko University's walls is traditionally high, ForUm learned from the vice-principle Volodymyr Bugrov
"The average enrolment competition is 11.5 people per a place. But there are departments which have the enrolment competition of 55 people per a place," the official said. The official also reported the good work of the admission commissions and absence of the queues. According to him, the majority of applicants for the bachelor's degree apply in person, while those applying for the master's degree are obliged to register online.

According to Bugrov, the most popular faculties are the law, economy and IT.

23.5 thousand applications to the National Technical University (KPI) also prove the interest in technical professions this year. "The IT faculty is the most popular this year. The number of applications is so big that we have troubles to accept and place all Social Security beneficiaries. The cost of the education in KPI is 12 thousand hryvnias," deputy chief of the admission commission Yuri Mudrak told ForUm and added that in total the education cost has increased by 3-5%. "This year applicants prefer to come in person. Only 20% of all applications have been submitted online. In the first weeks, we had long lines, but fortunately, no accidents occurred."

The National aviation university also reports the increase in number of applicants. "This year the number of applicants is 1.3 times higher amid the last year. 24 thousand applications have been delivered in person and 5 thousand - through the electronic system. Philology, tourism, economy and law faculties are most in demand. For the last three years we've kept the same price, but this year the education cost has finally increased, but insignificantly," chief secretary of the admission commission Natalia Ladogubets told ForUm.

According to the very applicants, they've arrived in Kyiv to apply in person as the electronic system has failed to process the inflow of applications and crashed.

No surprise, says the deputy director of the higher education department of the Education Ministry Mykola Fomenko. As of 8 a.m. of July 23, there were 1.548.451 applications submitted to the Ukraine's educational institutions, including 209 500 online applications.

The Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University remains the most popular among the higher education institutions of Ukraine with 40 694 applications. KPI occupies the second position with 35 360 applications, Lviv Ivan Franko University - 35 288 applications, National aviation university - 31 520 applications and Lviv National Polytechnic University - 29 250 applications. However, according to Fomenko, there are universities, which have received for now only from 2 to 10 applications. The big number of online applications proves that future students know about this possibility and use it actively.

"The demand for skill development faculties grows this year. Economy, management and humanities disciplines are also popular among the school graduates. The boom around IT specialist field can be explained by high market demand and proper salary. Besides, the state order on these professions has increased by 23%," Fomenko informed.

As for Social Security beneficiaries, every university has a right to set a quota up to 25%. If the number of Social Security beneficiaries among applicants exceeds the set quota, the admission commission will hold a contest basing on the received points. As for the education cost increase, the Education Ministry confirms the cost has increased by up to 5% on average.

According to the statistics, the most active applicants are from Donetsk, Dnipropetrovk, Lviv and Kharkiv regions and Kyiv city.

There is another week left before the official end of the admission campaign and the figures may change again. Anyway, we want to wish all applicants to be accepted to their dream universities.

Tetyana Grygorieva


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