The chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Volodymyr Shapoval is sure that the Kyiv mayor election will be held this year.

"The fact that this election should be held this year is obvious. There is a certain order of their appointment, regulated by the law. The vacancy of mayor, the chairman of the city council, is open at the moment and it must be filled. I hope the Verkhovna Rada will comply with the requirements of the law," he said in the interview.

At the same time, the CEC chairman did not comment on the possibility of holding election of Kyiv mayor simultaneously with the parliamentary elections. "If the Parliament will resolute so, it will be so. CEC does not deal with this issue. We are authorized only to provide an explanation of relevant legislation. Earlier, the CEC was not involved into the local elections at all. The elections were held exclusively by the territorial election commission. Now I do not want to comment on the issue of local elections," he stressed.


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