The chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Volodymyr Shapoval believes that, despite all the efforts, the foreign observers will assess the elections holding as "satisfactory" at best.

"Yet during the previous elections, the parliamentary of 2007 and the presidential of 2010, I felt a certain predetermination in the assessment of the elections by international observers. Then our Western partners were waiting for a democratic "pace" in Ukraine. Today I have a feeling that no matter how we try, no matter how the video monitoring will be organized, the mark of the elections will be "satisfactory" at best. Nevertheless, I expect and want many foreign observers to come. I have always believed that the more observers are to come, the better for us all."

Speaking about possible violations during the elections, he urged not to use the word "fraud" in this case. "This is a bad word. Let's call this phenomenon as disorders of various degrees of roughness. I will say the banality that "there is no election without violations," but it is really so. In addition, we are the post-Soviet country, the post-Soviet "neo-civil" society with all its consequences," the head of the CEC said.

According to Shapoval, the political forces in Ukraine take the liberty to do "more" than, for example, politicians in Britain or Germany, and it is considered as normal thing in the society. "I have no doubt that there will be attempts of violations from all the parties. There is just a question about how large they will be. Our country has very intense political competition, and this is a plus for me, as the organizer of the election. Political opponents observe each other so scrupulously that sometimes I can just step aside! Why everybody is talking about large-scale fraud today? I think it's prevention, political brainstorm, so you can explain the results, if they are not satisfied," he concluded.


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