Time of the customs clearance of imports in Ukraine has decreased to an average of one hour 26 minutes, the director of the Customs Clearance Department of the State Customs Service of Ukraine (SCSU) Serhiy Semka told a press conference, as ForUm correspondent reports.

The official said that it has become possible due to the introduction of the new Customs Code (CC). "The export goods pass clearance approximately for 46 minutes throughout the country. Although in both cases, the law gives up to four hours," the representative of SCSU said.

He added that the information terminals that allow submitting bills electronically have already started to work actively. "So we actually rule out the possibility of unauthorized denial of the customs clearance or rejection of the bills, widely common in 2010 - early 2011. The draft order, which is now on the registration in the Justice Ministry, provides for the obligatory use of such terminals to adopt the declarations. This, among other things, allows recording the application time in order to observe the consideration terms. We deliberately set the time limit and register every move of our employees to minimize the biased influence on the process," Semka said.

In addition, the customs officer noted that in the first half of the year SCSU transferred 60.9 billion UAH to the state budget, that is nearly one billion more than planned, as well as by 25.5% more than for the same period in 2011. The income for June 2012 amounted to 11.6 billion UAH (+32% in June 2011).


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