The government aims to provide the Ukrainians with 100 thousand apartments per year, which will be built with the help of the state, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said during the opening of a new house built under the Affordable Housing public special target socio-economic program in Composer Meytus Street 4A.

"Accommodating starts today. The interior finish is good, we’ve checked up," Azarov said.
According to him, currently, two programs to help Ukrainians buy new housing are being implemented.

"People have already received 1.300 apartments under to the Affordable Housing program, providing the cost of a person and the state accounted for 70% and 30% respectively. 1.600 apartments are already budgeted and will be handed over. The second program provides cheaper loans, issued for 15 years. We limited the cost of apartments for the builder to 5.000 UAH per square meter," he said.

To date, according to the head of the government, 8.5 thousand apartments in the houses with 70-90% degree of availability were selected for loans processing. The PM reminded that the loans are issued by Ukragazbank and Oschadbank Ukrainian banks.

"We stipulated in the law that the state shall pay off 12% loan rate, but I think that the rate will go down: it will not always be 16%. We will bring the rate to 5-6%," he said.

The Prime Minister said the government aims at increasing the amount of housing purchased with the help of the state.

"Our task is - 100 apartments a year. It provides increase in wages and GDP, employment, and work for our plants," Azarov said.


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