Eight Belarusians suffered in the traffic accident in the Kherson region on June 21, remain in hospitals of the Kherson region now, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson region, the colonel Elena Renkas told ForUm correspondent.

She said that 51 people including 48 foreign citizens were injured in the accident.

According to Renkas, the traffic accident happened due to the fault of the driver of vehicle Ford Transit, who tried at night to overtake a minibus in front. "However, the maneuver failed, Ford jumped into the oncoming lane and crashed into a passenger bus "CETRA" with foreign nationals that caused a head-on collision," she said. According to the spokesperson, the driver of the passenger bus was not hurt, meanwhile, the offender remains far gone in the hospital. The police initiated a criminal case on the road traffic accident.

 Elena Renkas reported that the majority of Belarusian citizens have been sent to Belarus, the authorities of Kherson provided them with packed meal, and the medical workers gave them the documents required for financial compensation under the insurance.


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