The National Bank of Ukraine considers the placement of Eurobonds worth 2 billion dollar by 9.25% per annum to be successful, the director of the general department of the monetary policy of the NBU Elena Shcherbakova said in an interview.

"I believe that the Eurobond placement by Ukraine at the level of 9.25% is a breakout that we have done under the impossible conditions. The application book on the documents in question amounts to approximately seven billion dollar. This indicates a very high level of confidence in the securities, their investment attractiveness and trust in the reforms that have been conducted in recent years," she said.

According to Shcherbakova, the successful placement of Eurobonds is confirmed by the conditions on which it was held.

"The placement of securities was held in a very sophisticated European financial market. It is clear that the events occurring on the market, in particular Greek, affect all market conditions. The borrowing rates held by European nations have increased precipitously. If once the European countries such as Portugal, Spain and Italy placed their securities at 2-4%, today it is unattainable goal," the representative of the NBU said.

Now, in her opinion, the European market makes profits at the level of 7-8%, so the level of profitability suggested by Ukraine is the maximum possible under current conditions and extremely profitable for Ukraine.


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