Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted on July 18 the resolution, which enables the Foreign Ministry and foreign diplomatic institutions to issue foreign passports of new model. The adopted resolution enables to provide continuous documentation of Ukrainian citizens living abroad with the same model of passports being issued in Ukraine.

According to the paragraph 8 of the Resolution on a foreign passport of Ukrainian citizen, the duration term of the foreign passport, issued in the shape of a passport book, is not limited. The formsheets of the foreign passport are produced by order of Interior Ministry of Ukraine.

As soon as the resolution comes into force, the Foreign Ministry and 10 foreign diplomatic institutions, included into the State information system, will start issuing new models of the foreign passport of Ukrainian citizen.

Other diplomatic institutions, that have not joined the State information system yet, will have to continue issuing foreign passports of old model, approved in 1994. The overall registration in the State information system is scheduled for the yearend.


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